New Moon Spell


New moons are all about fresh starts and new intentions. They have the energy of beginning with them and are incredibly auspicious for setting new intents and starting are endeavors.

Choose a New Moon ritual to energize any new beginning you are making in personal of professional life. A New Moon ritual helps you:

• See your intents manifest more easily
• Make fresh and successful start with positive energy
• Become more focused and energized and ready for success

We create a customised energy grid and use fire rituals, chanting, and specially charged items like crystals and symbols to deliver the best healing solution for you. 
Special note: The New Moon energies become even more intense if there is an eclipse around it. Each Eclipse has its own specific energy, so get in touch with us to know more.

The New Moon is the representation of the beginning if a fresh cycle. Whatever has happened in the past, is now over, and you have an opportunity to begin fresh. 

Any new idea that is given the right nourishment at this time has the maximum advantage. On New Moon, give energy to the new initiatives and make your starts and launches auspicious.

Things you can do today:
• Start a new business of course
• Take decisions about important changes
• Submit application for a new job or for buying a house

All the New Moons throughout the year have special energy. Keep checking our page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in tune with all the energy information. Shakti’s powerful New Moon ritual taps into these auspicious cosmic windows and channels their energy for you.

New Moon Ritual