Ancestral Healing


Ancestral healing repairs the connection with our wise ancestors who are also here to serve as our spirit guides.

In ancestral healing, you clear blockages imprinted in your DNA aligning you with your Highest Self.
You need ancestral healing when:

  • You seem to be stuck in your life in terms of career or relationships
  • You often experience unexpected downfalls when things seem to be going right
  • Unexplained health issues crop up from time to time
  • Your family seems to go through a series of bad luck
  • You experience disharmony in family and relationships
  • You seem to be doing everything right and yet you cannot seem to make any progress

In Ancestral Energy Healing, we focus on healing and harmonizing the all chakras, with special focus on Throat and Third Eye chakras.

Ancestors are the departed souls of our forefathers. They have lived on the Earth plane at some point in time and we share their genes. Ancestral blocks are seen when certain family challenges start getting passed on. It’s like a hereditary code that starts getting assigned to all descendants. You carry the memories and experience of your ancestors, both the traumas as well as gifts.

  • Ancestral healing activates your ancestral blessings and opens a way for you to move past karmic burden and help the family as well.
  • The healed ancestors will bring health, prosperity, and a sense of intimate connection and belonging that is unparalleled.

Ancestral Healing