Aura Shielding and Protection


Aura Shielding and Energy Protection are preventive measures to ensure you are safe from psychic attacks and your energy is not accessible to other people. With Energy Healing, you can experience the benefits of a clear and strong aura:

  • Your aura gets cleansed to remove existing negativity
  • Your energy vibration is resorted to healthy levels
  • Your aura is shielded to minimize the impact of negative media, people, and vibrations

In Protection and Aura Shielding Energy Healing, we focus on energizing your aura and keep it intact, with special focus on Throat Chakra.

Your aura is an almost invisible layer of light around you. It consists of all your energy bodies and is directly connected to your physical body. Any impact on your energy field is immediately visible on your aura. When you are in low energy vibrations like fear, anger, or sadness, your aura gets depleted and you become vulnerable to negativity around you. You may pick up illintents and bad energies. With Aura Shielding, your aura is cleansed, energized and freed from such ill effects. You benefit from Protection and Aura Shielding when: •You find yourself frequently experiencing the ill-effects of evil eye

  • You tend to attract jealous and negative people in your life
  • You suffer from frequent bouts of illness
  • You feel constantly drained of energy and vitality
  • You experience a series of bad luck professionally or personally
  • You have gone through trauma recently and are feeling depleted in energy
  • You find yourself gripped in fearful thoughts and anxiety often and suddenly
  • You feel as if you end up attracting situations you don’t want to experience

The constant bombarding of negative news and media can also deplete your aura. By choosing Energy Healing for Aura Shielding and Protection, you can combat these energy sucking channels as well.

Aura Shielding and Protection