Child Healing


In Children’s Energy Healing, we focus on healing and harmonizing the root, sacral, and heart chakras of the child. A strong Root chakra ensures that a child is happy and healthy. By energising these chakras we are able to help you:

  • Heal a child’s emotional wounds and trauma
  • Help them process their emotions and move on
  • Become a stronger, capable human being
  • Let go of anger and frustration

Energy Healing can make a positive impact in any of the challenging scenarios as the source energy is extremely pure and gentle.

Today’s children have to face challenges that were virtually non-existent just a few years ago. Their parents may find it difficult to relate to their children’s issues and give them the right solutions. Trivializing their feelings or asking them to simply move past certain things can make the issue worse.

Here are a situations when a child would benefit from Energy Healing:

  • Facing tough times due to peer pressure
  • Sudden withdrawal from previously enjoyable activities
  • Health challenges — persistent or new
  • Going through emotional or physical trauma (accidents, loss of a loved one, etc.)
  • Feeling disconnected from friends and family and not knowing how to express their what they are feeling

Child Healing