Family Harmony


In Family Harmony Healing, we focus on healing and harmonizing the heart chakra of every member of the family. Heart is the centre of all relationships and deals with the feeling of love and harmony.

By energising this chakra we are able to help you:

  • Resolve long-standing family issues (may require healing for longer duration)
  • Heal heart wounds and past trauma
  • Let go of hurts and forgive each other
  • Become a stronger, loving family unit
  • Transcend karmic contracts

Disharmony in family can spring out of deep rooted issues or they might result from experiences you might not even remember. In these cases, Energy Healing can work directly on the issue without getting engaged in emotional drama.

A family thrives when everyone is happy and feels a sense of belonging. Often times, a family’s harmony is disturbed due to internal or external issues.

Some of them can be:

  • Interference from family friends
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Frequent arguments due to money issues
  • Changing family dynamics due to kids growing up
  • Communication break-down between family members

While these issues can be challenging, they can be resolved by an infusion of positivity and powerful healing energy.

Family Harmony