Level Up In the New Year 2023

Renew Yourself for the New Year

11 days of Reorientation and Healing with Good Luck Tips for the Whole Year.

Workshop fee: ₹9,000/- only

Tap into the new beginning energy of 2023 — the Nakshatra of New Beginnings, Ashwini, and first day on the week, Sunday, are falling together on 01 Jan 2023. 

This special cosmic event is bringing a huge opportunity for realignment. 

So get ready to embrace the new and leave behind what you don’t need. 

How the Workshop Will Unfold

Together, we will move through the Winter Solstice, the year’s last New Moon, and last week of the year. 

Everyday there will be tips, small activities, and lots of positive vibes to help you become ready for 2023. 

  • Lucky colours, stones, and more as per your sign in 2023
  • Step-by-step instructions for spells and rituals
  • Good luck tools to use throughout the year
  • Meditations, music, healing and guidance
  • Tips for health, wealth, career, etc.
  • All the stuck energy of 2022 (heavily influenced by Moon🌕 and Rahu ) is dissipating.
  • Jupiter and Mercury are pointing towards movement and expansion in 2023.
  • In 2023 Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter will play a major role. So your actions and intents are extremely important!
  • With this workshop, you can get focused and receptive to the right energies.
  1. Enrol for the workshop by sending a WhatsApp message.
  2. Follow the instructions you receive in the workshop.
  3. Transfer the fees for the workshop.
  • Opt for 11 days of healing
  • Choose special spells for manifestation
  • Get rituals done that you may have missed during this year — ancestor tarpan, hawan, protection, prosperity etc. 

Workshop fee: ₹9,000/- only

WhatsApp @ +91-99222-46111 OR +91-90110-30906 to enrol

Please drop a message to know the charges as per your requirement.

Level Up In the New Year 2023​