Cat Candle – Red


Business Growth, Client attraction, Money opportunities

Purpose: It’s used to attract what you want — Business growth, client attraction, money opportunities. Cat is a totem, it’s used to call cat spirit, you can even chant cat magic begin now. Ask for blessings of goddess Bast. 

  • Write name, date of birth and wish on back of the candle or below the candle. 
  • Write in capital letters. 
  • Use of crown of success oil for business growth and sprinkle cat nip herb. If you don’t have catnip oil then use money drawing oil, 
  • Request cat to find out new business opportunities for you. 
  • Catnip creates magnetic abilities and attracts things that you want to you. Experiment with your spells and see what combinations work best. Use your intuition to guide you in the spell and honour your heart. You will be divinely guided in the spell. 


  • Yellow and green is used for success and money ( yellow for success and green for money). 
  • If you have existing clients but not happy with the money that they give you then use green cat candle. 
  •  Red cat candle is used to attract your partner. 

Herbs: Catnip Flower: NA Oil: Any drawing or attraction oil Crystal: Cat’s eye, aventurine

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Red, Green