Horseshoe Candle


Purpose: It’s used for good luck; like horseshoe is used for protection on the door, similarly this candle removes negativity and attracts good luck.

  • Speeds up wish fulfilment
  • You can write the wish at the bottom of the candle.
  • Write your name and date of birth as well and also the location of the person.
  • You can even write the wish on the parchment paper and place the candle on it.
  • Colours used: Red, purple and yellow are most frequently used for unicorn candle

Herbs: Flower: Oil: Crystal:

  • Spells in which it is used
  • Lottery winning, come to me (use red horseshoe candle)
  • Gambling or lottery spell (or even winning competition)
  • Green horseshoe if it’s for money, use with fast luck oil
  • Red horseshoe for fame or competition
  • Whenever you experience obstacles then use road opener or do cleansing to remove blocks
  • Orange colour candle is default road opener
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Red, Green, Yellow