Seven Chakra Bracelet


For business growth, Attracting new clients, Money opportunities
Cat is a powerful animal spirit that help you attract what you want in life.

Choose the cat candle to:

• Accelerate your business growth
• Attract new clients and opportunities
• Create new opportunities for growth and abundance

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Crystals used:

Get help in aligning your Chakras with this bracelet. The seven different stones heal and align the Seven Chakras in our body, enhance the balance, and remove any imbalances. This results in aligning your body, spirit and mind, hence keeping you healthy.

With this bracelet you can:

  • Align your Chakras
  • Keep disease / illness away
  • Help manifest positive thoughts
  • Protection from evil eye
  • Live a better life
  • Keep you calm
  • Removes confusion and get mental clarity
  • Purify your aura

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