Dark Moon Ritual


Dark moons are all about release, cleansing, and protection. They have the energy of releasing the unwanted and clearing the space. Only after cleansing can you become ready for fresh starts on the New Moon.

Choose a Dark Moon ritual to release the negativity or stuck energy from your life. It is a powerful day when you can:

• Get protection from evil eye
• Cleanse and strengthen your aura
• Remove negativity from your life and space
• Restore your positivity and balance by leaving behind accumulated stress

We create a customised energy grid and use fire rituals, chanting, and specially charged items like crystals and symbols to deliver the best healing solution for you.

Special note: The Dark Moon energies become even more intense if there is an eclipse on that. Each Eclipse has its own specific energy, so get in touch with us to know more. 

On the Dark Moon, the moon is not visible. This means any thoughts that may usually interfere with healing are currently dormant. In this space, it is easier to access the subconscious and perform the healing as the mind chatter is absent.

Dark Moon is the perfect time to let go of any and all unwanted energies.

Things you can do today:

• Take a cleansing bath.
• Clean your house thoroughly.
• Give away old and broken things.
• Clean your work space, wallets, and vehicles.
A Dark Moon ritual especially work wonders for cleansing and strengthening your aura.

Getting this ritual monthly keeps you protected and free of negativity. Think of it as a monthly cleansing spa for your energy body! 

All the Dark Moons throughout the year have special energy. Keep checking our page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in tune with all the energy information. Shakti’s powerful Dark Moon ritual taps into these auspicious cosmic windows and channels their energy for you.

Dark Moon Ritual