Full Moon Ritual


Full moons are high in energy and carry with them an essence of restoration,
manifestation, and completion.
Choose a Full Moon ritual to feel energized and become charged for the next one month. You receive:

• A powerful boost of positive energy
• Strong healing of subconscious blocks
• An opportunity to perform inner completions

You can choose an aspect like protection, well-being, harmony, or prosperity to energize or heal.

You can also choose a specific issue to get resolved or opt for overall healing.
We create a customised energy grid and use fire rituals, chanting, and specially charged items like crystals and symbols to deliver the best healing solution for you. 
Special note: The Full Moon energies become even more intense if there is an eclipse on that day. Each Eclipse has its own specific energy, so get in touch with us to know more.

On Full Moon’s day, the Moon’s full power is available to you. The Moon is in charge of your thoughts, emotions, subconscious, and intuition.

Your karmic challenges, especially those arising from past lives, are also governed by this important planetary body. 

A Full Moon ritual can help you bring on track energetically and align your thoughts with your intents, which in turn drive your actions, making manifestation a smooth and straightforward process.

All the Full Moons throughout the year have special energy. Keep checking our page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in tune with all the energy information. Shakti’s powerful Full Moon ritual taps into these auspicious cosmic windows and channels their energy for you.

Full Moon Ritual