Founder & Director

Manisha Belvalkar

Manisha is the chief visionary of Shakti and all of its healing and guidance programs.

About Manisha

Manisha is a spiritual guide committed to empowering people. She designs end-to-end
solutions for transforming your life, no matter how chronic the issue. Her work with Ancient
Wisdom and Chakra is quite deep and extensive.

Her advanced chakra program, and healing and spiritual growth initiatives have helped
hundreds of people transform, resolve their issues and live happy fulfilled lives.

Special Skills

A few things that make Manisha’s approach unique:

Transformational Space

Benefits of Working with Manisha

When you work with Manisha, you experience certain unique benefits.

Receive Experiential Wisdom


Resolve Chronic Issues and Move Ahead


Find Your True Purpose in Life


Manisha’s Approach

Our outer reality reflects our inner world. When people come to Manisha with their problems, she holds a space for them where they can open their hearts and receive unconditional support. This positive energy makes them receptive and they get clarity about the source of their problems. They are then able to move in the right direction to overcome their challenges.

If you are going through any challenging situation in life, or are looking for deeper meaning and purpose, you to find the right guidance with Manisha.

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