Neha Nageshkar

Neha is deeply committed towards providing healing and solutions to every one who comes to her with their issues. She holds a non-judgemental space and gives appropriate solutions.  

About Neha

Neha is a gifted Tarot Reader, Holistic Pet Therapist, and Reiki Healer. She applies the Tarot’s wisdom to find the source of issues and gives holistic solutions. She uses colour, sound, crystals, symbols, and other energy tools to bring about changes in consciousness.


Special Skills

A few things that make Neha’s approach unique:

Vibrant Energy
Deep Personal Care

Benefits of Working with Neha

When you work with Neha, you experience certain unique benefits.

Experience a Space of Understanding and Compassion


Find Out Ways to Improve Your Situation


Get Solutions that Work for Your Issue

Holistic and Customized

Neha’s Approach

Any living being is a sum total of its body, emotions, and the energy that flows within. So Neha’s approach involves looking at the entire system, and not just a part. Holistic healing means not just working on the body, but also including emotions, energy, and even the mysterious or invisible aspects.

A session with her makes it easy for you to get clarity about the doubts and questions that affect your growth and success. With her focused healing and actionable solutions, you can invite good luck, achieve success, become abundant, and live in happiness and joy.

Contact Me

Drop me a line about anything that you wish to tell me!