Healing for Parents


In Energy Healing for Parents, we focus on healing and harmonizing the Root, Sacral and Heart chakras.

  • A healed Heart Chakra makes it easy for parents to move past both fear and grief.
  • A strong Root Chakra and balanced Sacral Chakra are important for children’s growth as well as they impart strength, trust, and creative abilities.

Energy Healing allows parents to bring together the family in new and benevolent manner. They are able to harmonise with other other family members like grand parents along with their children.

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Being a parent is not easy. While children are more vulnerable and require gentle and pure energy, parents too can suffer from trauma just by seeing their child suffering. It is also common to see first time parents becoming too fearful or anxious about their children or their ability to be good parents. They may end up transferring their own fears and anxieties to their children. This is one of the situations where Energy Healing can help immensely.

Here are a situations when a parent would benefit from Energy Healing:

  • Having constant anxiety about the well-being and safety of the children
  • Continuously thinking about scenarios where their child is suffering
  • Not allowing children to participate in social activities due to fear
  • Being overtly controlling or demanding to ensure a child’s growth
  • Pushing the child into multiple activities without giving them breathing space
  • Projecting one’s own childhood dreams and trying to fulfil them through their children

Energy Healing can help parents deal with their own insecurities and fear and allow their children to grow up to be healthy, happy individuals.


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