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One of the most effective modalities of healing is Remote Energy Healing Transmission, where healing energy is directly channelled from the Source and passed on to your aura through your photograph.

Remote Energy Healing is a process where we connect to the Source of Cosmic Energy and channel transformational and calming healing energy into your energy system. We hold the intent of positivity, healing, and release to dismantle the blocks a person may have in their system. In essence, we act as mediators to release anything standing in your way of experiencing love, peace, joy, harmony, and fulfilment. The reason Remote Energy Healing is the best way to receive healing is that your conscious mind does not come in the way and you are more receptive to the healing energy.

How You Benefit from Healing

Our human body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is the physical body. The outer four layers of energy are commonly referred to as the aura. Collectively, these five layers or “energy bodies” are the human energy field or “Aura”. While living the experiences, events in our life affect our Aura which may result in different physical discomfort or may show up as a disease. Healing helps you to strengthen your aura and increase peace and harmony in your life. You would be able to take better decisions when your Aura is healed. Your subconscious receives deep healing, which in turn allows you to see positive changes around you are able to leave disappointments behind and become open to receiving the best.

Why do we need Healing?

We lose touch from our true nature and become focused on living a limited experience, which, of course, does not fulfil us. We end up feeling small, sad, and miserable. Healing is restoring the sense of well-being that is inherent in us and knowing that every step we are completely taken care of.
Stress causes most diseases and the source of stress is our, or the ego’s, inability to accept the things as they are. When operating from the ego, we tend to find faults in everything we have, thereby being in ingratitude, a lower vibration, and end up inviting more and more situations where our
feeling of “not having enough” would increase.

Think about the source of any of your anxieties. All these future events you’re worrying about? They don’t exist. The same thing applies to the past. The ego loves to keep us trapped there—rehashing old hurts, perceived mistakes, ancient regrets. What good do these obsessions do? Presumably, you’ve learned the lesson and you have (or will) apply it to future decisions. Now move on.

The first step in spiritual healing is to recognize your own needs for healing. Here are four signs that your Soul is in need of some deep healing:

• You have a persistent illness that persists – no matter how many doctors you visit and how many remedies you try.
• You feel like you’re on a conveyer belt – always running but never reaching your goals.
• You’re disconnected and detached, like you are sleepwalking through life – physically and mentally.
• You have the nagging feeling that there’s something important that needs to be addressed.

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